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Gelsomina Vinaccia, originally from Termini, was the woman who, with her good looks, her everpresent smile, and her culinary abilities significantly helped launch tourism in Marina Piccola. Founded by herself and her husband, Vincenzo Mellino hailing from Nerano, the restaurant was first called "Da Vincenzo"and subsequently "Le Sirene". Vincenzo would keep his kitchen stocked with fresh fish: squid, sea bass and sea bream. His wife Gelsomina would be at the cooker. It was considered one of the most distinctive restaurants of Capri, famous for its seafood and tomato spaghetti, its fish soup, its fried mullet, calamari and "mazzaquogli", to quote from the menu.

International connoisseurs, wealthy tourists, aristocrats and leading politicians would all flock there. The more distinguished customers were pleased to sign their name in the guest book, a reddish leather-bound notebook which the Mellino family would go on to keep as a memento of the past.

To leaf through it is like reading the Gotha Almanac of European aristocracy combined with the roll of honour of the Italian nobility, added to a list of the most powerful and famous politicians, officials, tycoons, writers, artists and millionaires in the world. Neither Alfonzo XIII, the former King of Spain, nor the Maharaja of Rajistan denied the courtesy their signatures in recognition, not to mention King Umberto of Savoia, Mussolini 'Il Duce', the Count of Cortellazzo, Galeazzo Ciano, and the Prince of Assia. Also, let's not forget that their ground almond and chocolate cake, now well-known as the Torta Caprese, was created and named by them 'Torta Mussolini'.

Nowadays, the Fiore family meticulously runs the business, and in the same courteous time-honoured fashion present their customers with a simple yet most of all genuine, home-cooked cuisine. Steeped in a delightful setting, comfortably sitting on the terrace with a splendid view of the bay of Marina Piccola, you'll rediscover the flavours of traditional recipies from the Caprese kitchen, such as the famous ravioli Capresi and excellent fresh pasta, faithfully homemade. You'll also come to appreciate the authenticity of the timeless seafarer's menu, and, just as Ulysses was, you'll also be beguiled by the captivating charm of this magnificent legendary location...

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